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Somatic Therapy near me

Who Benefits From
Somatic Therapy?

• Anyone who has experienced trauma any time in their lives, including developmental, relational or attachment trauma.

• Anyone who struggles with emotions of anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, stress, fear, numbness and overwhelm. 

• Anyone experiencing physical challenges, chronic illness or chronic pain, syndromes or disorders.

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What is Somatic Therapy?

It's a body-based approach that tracks the sensations that live in the body and uses them as a guide towards deeper knowing. The focus is on understanding and working with your nervous system so that you can make the connection with your emotions in your body and learn to regulate them.

There are several types of somatic or body-based models that I use in my practice. Somatic Therapy, Somatic Experiencing™ and Transforming Touch™ have deepened both my personal and professional growth. These unique approaches have led to embodied healing for myself and for my clients.

Somatic Therapy near me

How does it work?

Working together, we will develop a safe therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, compassion and mutual respect. Through a process called co-regulation we will explore both internal and external resources, settle your nervous system and strengthen self-regulation skills.

Somatic Therapy is done at a gentle pace that is attuned with your needs.  Sometimes it may involve active movement, playfulness, curiosity or quiet reflection as we notice internal sensations and emotions.  


The use of healing pillows, weighted blankets, and other therapeutic tools are used to enhance comfort and healing through sensory experience.

If you are interested in learning more about Somatic Experiencing™ in particular, I've put a video on my site as a resource.

This link will take you to a new page that has the video on it.

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