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One on One Somatic Therapy

What I Offer

Somatic Therapy Sessions

Incorporate the wisdom of the body while processing your concerns, past trauma, or current stressors. learning to regulate emotions, strengthen internal and external resources creating more ease and regulation. Receive one-on-one support with individual counseling.


Transforming Touch Sessions

Transforming Touch® follows a predictable routine of light, therapeutic touch (always through clothing, always non-sexual, and always consensual), and supports specific areas of the body involved in the nervous system’s stress response, such as the adrenal glands and brain stem. The repetition and consistency of this modality can foster a greater sense of safety as the nervous system learns what to expect and the attachment system heals. By bringing support to these areas of the body, the nervous system is able to gradually soften, allowing both body and mind to experience a more restful and regulated state.


Who I work with

You value the therapeutic relationship and make your mental health a priority. You're open to working on relationship, attachment or developmental challenges that may come up in our work together.

You value self-care and personal boundaries and have the ability to reflect on your process. You prioritize the mind/body connection and have the courage to let go of old patterns.

Consultation Services

Offering consultation to trainees, interns, colleagues and professionals who wish to integrate somatic intervention, support or guidance. 

Groups and Workshops

Offering online mindfulness classes, somatic skills building, art process and support groups. 

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