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Pausing to experience the moment...

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Susan Kenny, LMFT
Somatic Psychotherapist

Are you struggling with dysregulating feelings such as overwhelm, anxiety, numbness, or depression? I want you to know that all of these feelings are actually a beautiful way that your nervous system is actively protecting you.


Dysregulation is actually...

active self-protection.

Your system is coming to your aid to help you, protect you, and keep you safe! I want to help you understand and embrace your Autonomic Nervous System. This is an elegant part of what makes up so much of our internal experience and pleasure in the world. The body/mind connection has been the missing link for healing for a long time. 


Many times, clients come to me when traditional talk therapy has either not worked, or not provided a change in their emotional experience.  In other words, they may have learned cognitively how they feel but they haven’t been able to release their stress, anxiety or low mood.  This change needs to happen in the body. 


We can’t talk our way into settling down,

we have to show our body it is safe.

​This work is exciting because through its healing process you will learn to manage emotions, develop resources, repair relationships and feel empowered to step toward the things you want in life! I invite you to explore this website to learn more about me, my journey and my work as a somatic psychotherapist.



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